EpochAir Hover Ball, Kid Toys, Girl and Boy Gifts, Hockey Soccer 2-in-1 Pneumatic Suspension Floating with Foam Bumpers and Colorful LED Lights for Indoor & Outdoor Games, Mini Screwdriver INCLUDED

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The only soccerball that floats like magic. Can you consider an indoor toy that combines the gliding action of air hockey, the foot skills of soccer, the thrill of a

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The only soccerball that floats like magic.
Can you consider an indoor toy that combines the gliding action of air hockey, the foot skills of soccer, the thrill of a light show, and the health benefits of physical play? The folks who thought up the EpochAir Air Power Soccer Disk could – and did.

EpochAir hover soccer ball produces its own air cushion – it even sounds like an air hockey table – so it can float across smooth surfaces like low-pile carpet or wood floors. All it takes is a single kick – preferably with the side of the foot to keep the disk close to the floor – to send it zooming.

It’s padded with durable foam to give protection to furniture and walls from rebounds. And with built-in multicolored LED lights, night games have never looked quite like this.

Perfect for rainy or snowy days (or any other day), this disc gives kids a hovering, colorful incentive for active indoor play.

Package details:
Product size:18.5*18.5*6.8cm
color box size:19.5*7.5*19.5cm
Recommended Age: 6 – 15 years
Material: Environmental plastic
Color: Black

How it works:
1.Install 4 “AA” batteries on the bottom of the disk.
2.Flip the power switch, put it on a smooth surface and give it a little kick! You’ll kick it like a real soccer ball.

Must be powered by 4 “AA” batteries (NOT INCLUDED).
•⚽[Suspension Technology & Easy Gliding] Pneumatic suspension technology adopted, the hover ball can glide on a cushion of air produced by a powerful fan and built-in rotary motor, which makes this girl and boy toy easy to float over any smooth surface. You’ll use it on your home floor, flat ground and low-pile carpet, etc., and turn any floor into an air hockey/soccer field. Cool girl or boy gifts!
•⚽[LED Lights & Size 4] This kid toy is equipped with colorful LED lights and it can blink bright colorful light in darkness. Thus kids can play games at night and it also brings more fun on account of the changeable colors. The toy comes with the standard size of 7.1 inch which is similar to Size 4 soccer, neither too big nor too little, allowing your kids to use it in multiplayer game.
•⚽[Safety Guarantee & Good Protection] This kid toy is made of Non-toxic plastics, with foam bumpers and soft cushion of foam surrounding the edge of the disc, which makes the boy toy safe enough for small kids or pets to play with. Meanwhile, the edgeless cushion disc can protect your furniture and walls from damage because it is going to bounce away when it crashes with objects.
•⚽[Novel Design & Various Use] This hover ball makes hockey and soccer features into one ball, which lets you use in various ways; not only are you able to play as a gliding kid toy, but also You’ll treat it like a real soccer and kick with your feet. The hover ball shall be the perfect boy toy for outdoor and indoor games, with which your kids can enjoy wonderful group games. It is a good parent-kid interaction toy as You’ll play with kids together.
•⚽[Delicate Details & Warranty] We have updated our battery cover and use manual according to customer advice. We contain in our package with a small screwdriver to help you open the battery cover. Any problem you encounter or any suggestion you get, please contact with our customer service; and our service team is at all times ready to offer help. Your satisfaction counts!